Some days you never know where you are going to find inspiration.  In 2014, my daughter became a Mary Kay consultant. Before that time, I knew little about the company and the training they provided their consultants. As I watched my daughter become motivate and inspired by their training program, I began to consider how I could develop similar training that would motivate our Extension faculty.

The program that attracted me most is what they call, I believe, is the Motivation Minute. Each week they send out a pre-recorded motivational phone message. My daughter actually shared several with me. Some were on meeting goals. Some were personal development. Some just an inspirational message.

As I listened, I was continued to reflect how I could do more to send similar messages to Extension faculty. Positive reinforcement and inspiration is needed by all if us. So after much reflection, this blog was born. My hope is that every two weeks, we will be sending you a Motivate Me Monday message. If you find this page a positive experience, please feel free to share with others. Also consider joining the MU Extension Taking Care of You Facebook page where you will find all of our motivational messages and more.  Although focused on Extension faculty and staff, it is open to anyone who needs be motivated on a Monday!


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