For You I Give Thanks

For many of us, we gather together this week with family and friends to share a meal and enjoy good company. Some of us may not as family and friends may be miles away. As I set here this morning, I want to share with you, not my holiday plans, but rather how thankful I am each day to have each of you as colleagues.

Some may say that is sappy but it is how I feel. Each day I am excited to come to work because of I work with great people who make a difference in someone’s life each day. We have positions that may not garner us fame, celebrity status or vast fortunes, but our jobs, in my opinion, give us so much more….they allow us to provide the gift of education and we hope to improve the quality of life for Missourians.

I am thankful I get to hear and share the work each of you are doing. It is not easy work. It requires time and often travel. While we may not always be excited as we walk out the door in the morning, when a 4-Hers, volunteer or program participant smiles or shares their thanks, it makes that day and everything we have done worthwhile.

So as you begin your week, I want to thank each of you for the job you do everyday. I know we need to remember to express our gratitude more. I also hope you will be able to have a few days respite. Travel safe and enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones.

Until next time…


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