Planning for the Future

Many of you will be meeting with or hearing from your ED this week regarding the upcoming Plan of Work process. I want to ask, maybe even challenge, you to really be thoughtful as your write your 2019 PoW. A PoW should guide your activities and help you set goals for the coming year. It should alert your supervisors and the organization of what is important needs within the communities you serve and how you are going to work to address them.

I want everyone to recognize that like a budget, a PoW must be a guide and should be dynamic enough to allow for unforeseen circumstances and changes in direction. I want all faculty to rest assured that you will be supported if a plan must be modified.

We must also recognize that we may set goals but not all goals might be achievable. You can, maybe should, stretch and challenge your own thinking about what is possible, however, be strong in the knowledge that working toward a goal is often more important that succeeding on the first try.

Finally, I encourage you to review Marshall’s three goals that correspond to our Grand Challenges as well as our Youth & Families goals. Are your activities contributing to those goals? If not, you may want to reframe your work to see yourself within those goals. Know that your Education Director, Your Regional Director, myself and others are here to assist you in the process. Our #1 goal is to see each of you successful so let us support you in the upcoming year.

Until next time…


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