Kicking off the Week Right

First, I want to start off by sharing my pride of working with great colleagues. We recently had a delegation of folks travel to NEAFCS where awards were won as well as Jessica Trussell was elected Secretary of the organization. Today kicks off NEA4HA and again, we will again have several award winners.

Now it isn’t just about the awards. We attend our national meetings to gain new skills, remain fresh in our craft and to network with colleagues nationally. However, I do feel it is important to recognize our colleagues and collaborators who have taken the time to nominate or be nominated and recognized for their achievements.

I also know that many have felt concern or had questions about the changes we are currently seeing in our organization. We know change is inevitable, but we all react differently to it. I saw this post for the “5 by 5 Rule” and I would encourage all of us to consider this carefully. There are some powerful thought in this. I for one need to read this periodically because I have a tendency to let the small things linger and we know that only hampers our positive thoughts and actions.

I hope you all have a great week…congratulate your colleagues on their successes….and even their mistakes. We know we can learn from both, but also this week try utilizing the “5 by 5 Rule”. If it is helpful, be sure to share the results!

Until next time…


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